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Hi, we're Niceshit.

In August of 2022, we were invited to be one the speakers at Trimachidg – a massive event held at a basketball stadium in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina with an attendance of 7000 people. We were equally excited and terrified when we got the invitation.

It was the first time we took on a task like this, so we start preparing a talk about our projects, our studio, and the humans behind, it was a very introspective process – which was beautiful and necessary. We were in the middle of this process when we realized that we were not speakers (at least until that time!) but instead we are storytellers so we decided to divide our talk into chapters.

We ended up writing and animating 5 little chapters that will take the audience through some of the feelings and thoughts that in some way rule our little bubble in Niceshit.

1. The Power of Animation

Animation is a fantastic and completely magical tool where – as cliché as it sounds – everything is possible. We like to think of ourselves as a creative studio with many different styles and ways to approach ideas but animation is clearly our main tool.

We welcome and enjoy the feeling of thinking of ideas and being able to manifest them, and actually make them happen. It could be through any medium, as long as the idea, and the concept go through.

2. Nurture Creativity

We needed to balance commercial work with self-initiated projects.

Over the years we have discovered how to stay creative, inspired, and excited about what we do, we needed to balance commercial work with self-initiated projects.

We are lucky to have lots of fun and tackle super interesting challenges with client work but making personal projects is where we have the chance to go above and beyond exploring ideas, and techniques, and trying new narratives.

Mixing personal and commissioned work helps us to keep the spark alive and we have even found out that lots of client work get to us because of these studio projects, so that’s a win-win for us!

3. Teamwork

Everything is better as a team.

This is the key behind everything we do.
Animation and all these sorts of adventures we dive into are hard work.

We love to see involved lots of hands from lots of humans being part of a bigger picture.
Working with new combinations of amazing artists in each project is very exciting.
Witnessing what everyone brings to the table and constantly learning from each other is so rewarding.

4. Think

If someone asks us: “What defines Niceshit?
The answer will be: to think, tackle and challenge problems through ideas.

Although our work is very visual, there is a lot of brainstorming – and (good) headaches – behind all the illustrations and animations.
We believe in spending half of the process each project demands in a ‘pre-production’ phase, polishing and finessing ideas.
Making decisions basically!
To then be able to move into the visual world.

This is a side of the work we enjoy a lot and we’re happy to see that clients and collaborators are trusting us more and more with the creativity behind the campaigns.

Let the best idea win!

5. Safe Space

Probably the most important chapter as it has to do with the human factor, the day-to-day not everything is about work.
Although we started Niceshit in late 2014, we’ve been in the game for longer and through this time, we’ve learned the world of Advertising and its values, ways of communicating and so-call emergencies don’t always align with the way we would like it to be.

Developing an environment in which we, and the people we work with, feel comfortable, has been a key to our projects and probably one of the main reasons that pushed us to start the studio – to create this little bubble. This ecosystem in which, of course, hasn’t always been perfect, but where we are independent and respect our values, times, and ways to think and work. Over time we’ve discovered that one of the main ways to find and generate this ‘Safe Space’ is to choose which projects to take on – something that can be seen as a ‘privilege’ perhaps but something that we worked on for and value very much.

Working on projects that feel closer to us, and that we care for makes a complete difference.

Thanks so much for joining us through these 5 adventures, we hope you enjoyed it and got to know us a bit better. We wish for all to find their safe space.

Character Development

The idea was to create a family of creatures, playing with different body proportions. Having in mind to create a genderless fun community of characters.
In a way, we could give a playful feeling to each short chapter. We thought about having three main characters that appear on each spot.

See you around or at our next conference


Produced & Directed by


Creative Directors

Carmen Angelillo, Guido Lambertini, Rodier Kidmann.


Agusta Timotea

Art Director

Rodier Kidmann

Animation Director

Guido Lambertini

Design & Illustration

Rodier Kidmann

2d Animation

Josep Bernaus, Maliboo, Eze Cruz, Fabio Valesini & Kiosko.

Clean Up

Bianca Sangalli Moretti, Ana Freitas, Yaiza Ortiz & Eze Cruz.

Edit & Compositing

Guido Lambertini, Ana Freitas, Fabio Valesini.

Music & Sound Design

Facu Capece & Lola Ritcher.