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Changing perspectives with Google Assistant’s new app integration.

For the launch of Google Assistant’s new app integration, we created a set of charming Insta-films.

Expanding on Google’s iconic colour palette, we brought to life a set of friendly and modern 2D characters, pairing them with fluid transitions and dynamic animated environments.


This first animation is a compilation from three of the videos of the Google Assistant campaign, edited one after another as a single-cut shot with seamless transitions. It was a nice experiment to first work on the single 15’’ spots and then find a way to blend them since we usually start from the long format and take shorter films from that one. It is always nice to mix things up and challenge the brain and creativity in new ways.


The animated campaign includes some of Google partners, in this case, Postmates, online food delivery & pick up service for local restaurants. Placed in an urban environment, this spot and the camera movements were a nice challenge but are so lovely to see and feel the smooth and dynamic movement throughout.


The second selected partner on this Google Assistant campaign is twitter and through this film we show how you can easily use the app hands free, through voice control.

In the fast paced, quick-consumption context of Instagram, it’s key to grab the viewer’s attention right away with a surprising transition hooking us right into the story.

The Google molecule gave us the perfect device – we opened each film with an unexpected camera move from the iconic color circles into our- three-dimensional graphic world.

Having two of the other spots in outdoor environments, it was great to work this one from inside a home, both to have some contrast in the Long Form compilation and also to develop a transition from the Google molecule logo into an indoor setting.

Nike Running

This one was the one that broke the ice and kind of set the structure and style for the whole campaign and the way wewould transition from the Google Assistant molecules logointo the different worlds.

We thought of doing this in 3D but it would never reach the detail and warmth of a camera movement and character animation like this one, made by hand, frame by frame and with so much love.

Open Use

This spot was supposed to be more of a motion graphics animation but we presented a whole new proposal with this incredible teenager character and were lucky enough that they liked it! The key message and function of this feature is the possibility to open any app on your phone through voice control, so you don’tgo nuts trying to find that icon among the dozens on your phone.


There was a pretty intense pitch phase before getting the final award (yeeeei!!!) and there is a lot of juicy stuff from this initial part that is just too good to not share it with all of you! Below you’ll find the different illustration styles that we presented, animation tests, and some of the sketches and modular system for the characters that we created as a style guide for the team to follow.







Agressive & Niceshit Studio

Exec. Creative Director

Dan Shapiro

Creative Directors

Carmen Angelillo, Rodier Kidmann & Guido Lambertini


Agusta Timotea, Dustin Pownall & Won Cha

Art Direction

Rodier Kidmann, Carmen Angelillo

Design & Illustration

Rodier Kidmann, Elda Broglio, Nuria Boj, Franco Vecchi & Miguel Angel Camprubí

Animation Direction

Guido Lambertini

Cel Animation & Clean up

Juan Nadalino, Ezequiel Cruz, David Maliboo, Ana Freitas, Margarita Rojas & Libardo Bohorquez

Animation & Compositing

Ana Freitas & Guido Lambertini

Additional Editing

Dustin Pownall

Music & Sound Design

Wesley Slover

Music & Sound Design Dir. Cut

Facundo Capece