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Three Easy Steps to Recover from Chronic Pain.

A meditative yet humorous look at the world of chronic pain and how to live with it day to day.

We tried to visualise Australian physiotherapist and author Dave Moen’s humanist approach to the subject matter by using a vast array of styles and techniques including 2D, 3D and even some live action puppets!

Needless to say that this was a dream project.

We are known for being restless minds and working with such a vast range of techniques and styles was definitely a creative boost.
We loved having so much freedom and the chance to carefully select which way to go to best communicate each of the concepts through the film.

“Some days, chronic pain can be crushing.
It feels like you’ve tried everything
only to end up with the same pain and little less hope.”

Being the first shot of the film, it needed to be engaging, a strong layout to capture the viewers attention. The can-crushing is a feeling we all know which made the action very relatable and having it later flicked over to a pile of (previously) crushed-cans communicated the lost of hope.

“Heroes can come in funny shapes…”

“Our heroes are scientists and they are giving us new hope by discovering three easy steps to treat chronic pain”

This is how we imagine it looks seeing through the eyes of a scientist. As part of the mixed media this shot was perfect to nerd-it-out and work with some bubbly and simulations, combined with soft textures to bring that playful and graphic mood.

“There is a massive gap between the way research says we should treat pain and what is being done in practice”

We love the conceptual message in this shot, how direct it is and the many layers of this visual analogy: the difference between the research and practice in chronic pain treatent feels a lot like what is happening with climate change and global warming.

“Direct treatment at the underlying cause of your chronic pain and feel hopeful as the path to recovery becomes clear”

Working with 3D animation and a realistic yet graphic aesthetic was the perfect way to go for this two-parts shot. We needed to go down, diving into the surface to then find a clearer and more hopeful way out in the horizon, and this little animation portrays it in a beautiful and conceputal way.

“Having chronic pain often makes us feel like our body is broken”

Needles to say that making and shooting these puppets was one of the highlighs of the whole process. From the ideation, initial sketches and technical drawings to having them (literally) in our hands. Such a trip!

“Knowing how your body responds to injury and movement can completely transform your sense of what is possible”

Another combined shot with a similar problem-solution structure. Through the whole project this has been one of our favourites, not only for the beautiful design but for how efficient it is to communicate the key message in such a poetic way.

“Instead of wearing out like your favourite t-shirt, the body gets stronger with use”

We wanted to show the pass of time in a clever, funny and non conventional way and that’s when we knew the photograph idea was perfect for it. Working with traditional frame-by-frame animation gave us the freedom in movement and depth that we needed to delivery this “surprise” animated transition. More on the process below!

“Pain is complex and different for everyone, but an overprotective pain system is almost always part of the problem.”

Using geometric shapes and a very modular composition to show how too much protection can actually create unwanted effects. We love how the realism in the texture and lighting blends with such graphic layout.

There is nothing funnier that playing with meta-languages” and we just couln’t help ourselves. We had SO much fun with this little friend, building it and bring it to life: seing a calendar waking up in the morning isn’t something you see every day!

“Evidence shows that some simple daily activities can help your body recover and that’s when chronic pain begins to disappear”


Produced & Directed


Creative Direction

Carmen Angelillo, Guido Lambertini & Rodier Kidmann

Executive Producer

Agusta Timotea

Music & Sound Design

Aimar Molero

Art Direction

Rodier Kidmann & Carmen Angelillo

Animation Direction

Guido Lambertini

Design & Illustration

Fede Kanno, Cesar Pelizer, Juan Molinet, Martín Salfity, Carmen Angelillo & Rodier Kidmann

Animation & Clean Up

Erik Righetti, Leo Campasso, Sebastian Baptista, Margarita Rojas, Martin Salfity, Cesar Pelizer, Carmen Angelillo, Guido Lambertini & Rodier Kidmann

Puppets & Set Construction

Gacy Sarubbi


Agus Verrastro & Pablo Alfieri


Agus Verrastro & Pablo Alfieri

BTS Photography

Agusta Timotea

Camera Assistant & BTS Edit

Bruno Cosoli

Compositing & Color Correction

Matías Mastrogiano & Agus Verrastro


Carmen Angelillo, Guido Lambertini & Rodier Kidmann

Special thanks

Ingi Guðjónsson & Hamill Industries