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The Feelings: First responders first.

We partnered with McCann Health to develop this beautiful and very needed campaign. Supported by Laura Hyde Foundation, First Responders First is an initiative that was set up to support NHS healthcare workers on the UK front line.

We as communicators treasure these opportunities where we can not only explore our creativity and push a visual language but to actually help people. We are very happy to bring to you The Feelings.

Working with subjects that matter makes a complete difference.

Supported by Laura Hyde Foundation, First Responders First is an initiative that was set up to support NHS healthcare workers on the UK front line in the.

Helping and encouraging first responders to ask for help.

Due to intense demands of their job, first responders were already a high risk group for mental health issues, such as depression and PTSD and COVID-19 has only made this situation worse…

The characters and lyrics were created based on interviews to a group of first responders who shared their stories with the McCaan team.

Combining 3D environments with 2D characters.

This is something that we love to explore and play with as we feel we get the best out of both techniques.

By Mixing these two worlds you get the beauty of lighting and 3D materials and the use of cameras along with the complete control and freedom of illustrating and animating the characters frame by frame.

Meet The Feelings

Dead Numb

When something is too painful to think about, so you feel nothing at all. 

Deep Sadness

When you simply can’t shake off the sadness, and it follows you home.

Jangle Clanger

When you want to feel ok but you can’t quite shake off that uneasy restlessness.


Overwhelming feeling of helplessness and hopelessness because you are continually faced with situations that are beyond your control. 

Red Rage

When you notice that the smallest things can send you into a fit of fury…

Rising Dread

When the thought of going to work again fills you with a sickening panic.

Characters Development

This film was very much character driven so we put lot of attention and hours on finessing these brilliant cast of seven main characters.

Each of these characters were developed based on several emotional states that were identified at the research stage interviewing a group of first responders. After properly studying all these delicate feelings and after lots of ideas, sketches and brainstorming we ended up with this set of characters, that felt just perfect.

Brushes & Textures

Working with brushes and hand painted textures provided the human and sensitive feel that we needed to tackle such a delicate subject and at the same time it created a beautiful contrast with the CGI environments.

Since we used a set of different brushes for each of the characters and we developed some guidelines and rules that helped the clean up artists and also provided a consistent look throughout the whole film.

Environments & Assets

The film goes through a lot of different scenes and environments and for all these shots we designed hundred of elements to fill these spaces. We first work in 2D, designing these elements and all its little details for every angle to then move into the tridimensional world.

Swipe for some 2D design process

Graphic Realism

A perfect combination between realistic textures and lighting with some bolder, stylised elements.

We felt this output was the perfect fit to go along the 2D, textured characters.

We put special care and attention in the Tissue Box model and its textures since it was one of the main characters, that voice in off that tells you that everything is going to be all right!

Animation process

Combining and integrating 2D, frame by frame animation with 3D environments and elements is so much fun, and the output is just beautiful.

Here some process from the pencil, rough animation to the final render, hope you enjoy!

We always aim to push as far as we can the interaction between the 2D characters with the tridimensional environments and assets – putting them in direct contact with these elements brings the most out of this mixed media style.


Probably the most important and key stage of every project, at least for us.

Through this process of brainstorming and structure we make all the main decisions that will grow and develop all the way up to the final render.


Production company


Executive producer

Laura Thomas


Tom Henneberry

Directed & produced by


Creative Directors

Carmen Angelillo, Rodier Kidmann & Guido Lambertini


Agusta Timotea

Art Directors

Rodier Kidmann & Carmen Angelillo

Animation Director

Guido Lambertini

2D Design & Illustration

Rodier Kidmann, Bianca Sangalli Moretti & Ganztoll

Lead Cel Animator

Josep Bernaus

Cel Animation & Clean Up

Josep Bernaus, Pablo Cuello, Ezequiel Cruz, Ana Freitas, Bianca Sangalli Moretti, Carmen Angelillo, Rodier Kidmann & Guido Lambertini

3D Lead

Jonas Nunes

3D Design & Modelling

Jonas Nunes, Cristian García, Rodier Kidmann, Guido Lambertini, Pablo Schiavo & Carolina Carballo

3D Animation

Jonas Nunes & Guido Lambertini

Edit & Compositing

Guido Lambertini, Matías Mastrogiano, Ana Freitas & Carmen Angelillo

Sound FX & Audio Mix

Facundo Capece & Lola Ritcher


McCann Health London

Executive Creative Director

Guy Swimer

Deputy Executive Creative Director

Kieran Delaney

Associate Creative Director

Libby Middlehurst

Senior Art Director

Cem Hasimi

Agency Producer

Rita Juggessur

Account Director

Oliver Fraser

Senior Account Manager

Hannah McMahon

Bespoke Composition

Felt Music


Pippa Cleary & Keiran Merrick