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Slow-Down skincare for Krave cosmetics.

We teamed with the Australian agency Universal Favourite to develop this animated anthem for Krave Beauty and their “Slow-Down Skincare” campaign. Getting the chance to re-interpretate this all time classic was very exciting and doing it for such a delicate and important message was even better.

We took inspiration both for the sound and visuals from these old fables and gave it a modern and very graphic spin, combining abstract compositions with super dynamic animations and clever transitions. The story was written as a poem which was the cherry on the top!

There is always an extra push when the message is so important.

Revisiting the well-known fable of The Turtle and the Hare we follow our fast-paced buddy through a journey of learning and growth, something we could all learn from. The hare is not the bad guy, its just a victim of the fast-fashion world we’re living in.

Slow Down little bunny and ask yourself why?

We love to use our creativity and skills to create projects that reflect the goals and philosophy that we agree with.

All this started by reflecting on the insane amount of beauty products we feel that we are in constant need of. Together with Krave and Universal Favourite, we wanted to contribute to show a possible solution, to reduce and take it slow. 

A film with rhymes for these hectic times.

We can take it slow, breathe, and think about where we are and what we are doing. This will allow us to take it slow and find the meaning of what we are doing.

The solution is sometimes in front of our eyes, we just have to be ready to step out of the business machine and find our healthy and thoughtful pace.

The craft of making each and every frame unique.

Communicating such a sensitive matter we wanted the film to feel close, warm, and relatable. Hand-made illustrations, brushes, and textures were a perfect fit.

‘The Turtle and The Hare’

Characters Development

Playing with proportions and facial expressions, to understand how the main characters behave.

Brushes & Textures

We wanted a sensitive, human and relatable approach and at the same time we wanted to stand out from the classic cold cosmetics adverts – inky brushes and hand-made textures completely did the trick.

Animation Process

Inspired by the “Turtle & the Hare” fable and classic animated cartoons from the 60’s to the 90’s we worked with traditional frame by frame animation focusing on the key poses and moments and having lots of fun with smears and graphic motion blurs, where each and every frame is unique.

Warm-Up & Alternative Explorations

We’re in it together, we’ll do what is right. For skincare, the planet, and a future that’s bright.



Krave Beauty


Universal Favourite



Produced & Directed by


Creative Directors

Carmen Angelillo, Rodier Kidmann & Guido Lambertini


Agusta Timotea

Art Director

Bianca Sangalli Moretti

Animation Director

Guido Lambertini

Design & Illustration

Bianca Sangalli Moretti & Rodier Kidmann


Bianca Sangalli Moretti & Rodier Kidmann


Fabio Valesini

Cel Animation

Fabio Valesini, Maliboo, Kiosko & Leo Campasso

Clean Up

Margarita Rojas, Julieta Soloaga, Macarena Ortega Oyanedel, Eze Cruz & Carmen Angelillo

Edit & Compositing

Guido Lambertini & Carmen Angelillo

Music & Sound Design

Facu Capece & Lola Ritcher