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Cuidem Barcelona

We teamed up with Folch, a Barcelona-based communication agency, to create and direct three animated ads, to promote the new waste service in the city.

A new visual language that reminds us of an illustration book, with colorful and gestural brushes, by creating an animated campaign mixing real actors/actresses and then including them in the illustrated world that we create.

A visual language that works perfectly for a city campaign by finding a way to make people aware and excited to do their best to keep any city clean.

Backgrounds Development

After some first tests with different brushes, and saturated colors we wanted to find our interpretation of the city and the elements that characterize our everyday life, without creating the typical Barcelona synthesis.

Animation Process

After planning each shoot with some sketches and the first illustration we shoot actors/actresses with a green screen and then the real production started.

We import some of the footage in 3D, to have some references on where the illustration elements will go, we then animate some of the backgrounds in 2D with the real camera movements.

As the last step, we give the hand-drawn look we develop and gave this feeling to each background frame of the three spots.

We loved to create a hand-drawn style that works perfectly for a commercial scope, such as this city cleaning and awareness campaign.

Behind the scenes

Initial background explorations.

Layout & Camera Composition

Prints & OOHH


Directed by

Niceshit Studio

Campaign and concept by

Folch Studio & Barcelona Cat

Live production


Shooting direction by

Agustin Verrastro

Creative direction

Carmen Angelillo, Guido Lambertini & Rodier Kidmann


Agusta Timotea


Rodier Kidmann & Bianca Sangalli Moretti

Animation Director

Guido Lambertini

2d Animation

Fabio Valesini, Josep Bernaus, Eze Cruz & Libardo Bohorquez

VFX, 3d & Compositing

Hugo Morais


Margarita Rojas, Julieta Soloaga & Ana Freitas


Manso Studio

Color grading


Music & SFX

Facu Capece & Lola Ritcher

Campaign shooting

Lander Larrañaga

Documentary photography

Aramis León