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We are always up for exploring and finding different and no so conventional ways to put a brand out there, and this is exactly what we did for Bolt ( – even if the project didn’t came through in the end we had lots of fun and really liked the output so we thought of sharing our process and little snippets with all of you.
A little background on the brand: Bolt is a one-click checkout platform, allowing online shoppers to checkout in just one click and their whole concept is based around making the shopping process easy and safe.

Bolt gets BOLD

They asked us to help, illustrate and animate fresh, bold, and fun scenarios to go along with their key messaging both on their website and App and our approach was, pop, fresh and irreverent. We really wanted this to travel straight into the viewer’s eyes.

Another great output of this exploration was the set of ‘Animated Posters’ combining still, background typography with surprisingly moving illustrations 🙂


Creative Direction

Carmen Angelillo & Guido Lambertini


Agusta Timotea


Bianca Sangalli Moretti


Rodier Kidmann


Fabio Valesini