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Secret Tech Company...shhh

Secret Tech Company…shhhh.

Working with big companies has its ups and downs! It is always challenging and exciting to have the task to create and develop a full visual language for companies with thousands of employees and offices all around the world but at the same time the whole process can be a bit like a house of cards and never see the light or be used after months of creative work.

We were hired by this massive tech company to develop their visual language, main characters and illustration that would accompany their communication across all their channels and for their +60.000 employees.

Even though is always sad when a project gets dropped we really enjoyed working on this one, specially at early stages testing different styles and techniques.

3D, Modular and Relatable.

Driven by the geometrical shapes we played with different textures and materials: Combining fabric, rubber, soft vinyl, diffuse glass and luminescent elements that we feel come to the perfect balance between the human, real side of things and the tech & data world.

Character Development

Before going into details we went through a quick, playful and modular test, exploring with different geometric shapes, textures and materials.

Universal, Playful & Modular.

One of the main tasks for the project was to create a system that can endlessly grow and can be adapted to all the different canvasses and communication channels needed.

Fully universal, addressing diversity naturally, without trying too hard: Speaking to everyone, every gender, every culture as a whole.
Using vector shapes also provides working in all sizes and both print and digital media.

Some early sketches below!

Human, Handmade & Ownable.

This third approach has a more realistic feel of the three options: working with human figures and with a very present hand-drawn feeling.

We’ve explored with subtle hand painted textures to add volume and that feeling of closeness, stepping away for a moment from the digital world.


Client's a secret!

Directed & Produced by


Creative Directors

Carmen Angelillo, Rodier Kidmann & Guido Lambertini


Agusta Timotea

Design & Illustration

Rodier Kidmann, Santi Zoraidez & Catarina Alves