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Swag - Twist


The lovely peeps @ Design by Twist approached us to develop a set of 20+ illustrations and animated loops to go along with the latest rebranding of Swag.The goal was to develop a set of illustrations and patterns that provide additional flexibility to the system sparkling warmth and joyful moments throughout the user experience.
We absolutely love these kind of projects where the concepts and ideas are as important as the illustrations and animations that come right after that!

Fresh & Handmade.

Swag is the world’s first employment super-app rolling easier work, money, career opportunities and exclusive benefits into one so we wanted to keep it light and fresh, clever yet engaging and relatable.

Elevating the rebrand.

We’ve combined different typographies, light and bold playing with transparency and hand painted textures in the illustrations which came out just fantastic!

Animations are meant to be modular and can work alone, right next to text and even on top of it.



Employment Hero & Swag


Design by Twist


Niceshit Studio

Creative Directors

Carmen Angelillo, Guido Lambertini & Rodier Kidmann


Agusta Timotea


Rodier Kidmann & Bianca Sangalli Moretti


Guido Lambertini & Gabriel Gómez

Pattern Designs

Bernardo Henning