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Colorado Lottery Dream Machine.

We are so excited to be sharing ‘One Step Closer’ our latest commercial for Colorado Lottery: an animated story of those ‘’pre-win butterflies’’ made in partnership with our good friends and agents Aggressive and the amazing team at Cactus Denver.

One Step Closer!

Through this very bold and minimalistic film, our goal was to take viewers on a journey of emotions from surprise to excitement felt by our main character who stumbles upon a Colorado Lottery’s Dream Machine.

We love simplicity and boldness and to mix our 2D animated characters with the CGI product.

We believe we get the best of both worlds and this combo is becoming part of the styles that represent our animated work.


The music and sound design, is always a big part of what we do and in this case, having such a void, we relied on the sound to recreate the context, sounds of a door opening, the iconic bell when you enter a shop and also within the transformation the sound design instantly takes us to our happy place.

Creating the Characters

Even if there is lots of fantasy and surreal transformations in the spot there is lots of inspirations in ‘human/real’ characters, the proportions, how they move and walk.

Initial Explorations

We’ve put lots of time and care in the execution, our premise, since the first beginning of the project, was that ‘each frame had to feel like a print’ and are really happy with the outcome.



Colorado Lottery


Cactus Denver

Production House


Directed by

Niceshit Studio

Creative Directors

Guido Lambertini, Carmen Angelillo & Rodier Kidmann

Executive Producers

Dan Shapiro, Alex Topaller & Agusta Timotea

Post Producer

Alexander Aab

Post Coordinator

Isabella Crawford

Sound Design & Mix

Facundo Capece & Lola Richter

Art Direction & Illustration

Juan Barabani

Cel Animation

Juan Nadalino, Facundo Quiroga, Sebastián García, Israel Giampietro & Ezequiel Cruz

Clean Up

Julieta Soloaga, Ezequiel Cruz, Libardo Bohorquez & Anibal Dasso

3D Modeling & Render

Ruben Stremiz

3D Animation

Guido Lambertini

Edit & Compositing

Guido Lambertini