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Mᴛᴠ Thirsty

What does a sporty cyberpunk human in a post-apocalyptic world have to do to get something to drink around here?
She just smashes her face on the screen, and she’s good to go!

Mᴛᴠ International called us to be a part of the artist ID series for their 2016 rebrand,
We were really happy to get this invitation, but even more when we saw the brief.

They gave us total creative freedom as long as it had something to do with technology.
This is what we came up with and we hope you enjoy it.

Character Development

Animation Process





MTV International

Concept, Direction, Illustration & Animation

Niceshit Studio

Mtv International VP

Creative: Sean Saylor

Mtv World Design Studio BA

Creative Director: Maxi Borrego

Design Manager

Charlx Alemañy

Director Production & Operations

Josefina Marfil

Production Manage

Delfina Chiesa


Camila González