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Ketel One - Drink Marvelously

By far, one of the coolest, most humor-driven campaigns we have worked on so far. We had the privilege of working alongside the brilliant team at FIG New York and along with our amazing partners at Jelly London to breathe life into Ketel One’s all-new worldwide campaign “Drink Marvelously”.

It is not every day that we receive scripts like these ones, where the fine and clever humor is the main key, looking for that small pauses, timing, and subtle expressions, working with such a loose style, as if this set of stories was created as a collection of hundreds of bar napkin drawings.

We developed a huge set of characters and backgrounds to narrate these magical stories into a set of 12 animated films, a combination of TVC, Social, and PR films that were premiered at the Emmys, being Ketel One their main sponsor.

With such an imperfect and hand-made style, our main focus was on the acting and timings in the scenes as we wanted to communicate as much expression possible with very few and detailed movements, creating a bespoke and functional animated universe that hopefully will become an iconic and long-running look for the brand.

What an incredibly fun project, and what a dream team to work with. We are so proud to share this with you all and thankful to everyone who was involved in this.


As part of the full set, five out of the twelve spots were TVC’s and are out and about in the US and Europe!
Here they are with some extras 😉

Shorties but Goldies

To complete the campaign we also developed 3 x 15” and 3 x 6” to be used in social networks, very funny stuff!

Characters Exploration

No need to say this style is a pleasure to develop, enjoy!

Swipe for some 2D design process

Glamorous yet Vintage Animation Style

We had some good time moving these friends, bla bla bla



Ketel One US


FIG New York

Production Company

Jelly London


Erika Panasci, Chris Page


Kavita Dagger, Laura Thomas

Directed by


Creative Directors

Guido Lambertini, Carmen Angelillo & Rodier Kidmann

Art Director

Rodier Kidmann

Animation Director

Guido Lambertini


Filipa Kinomoto


Claudio Salas, Maliboo, Olivia Blanc, Ezequiel Cruz, Melisa Farina, Henrique Barone, Juan Huarte, Juan Nadalino, Ana Freitas, Nuria Just, Leo Campasso & Erik Righetti

Edit & Compositing

Guido Lambertini