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Hi, we’re Niceshit.

We partner with brands to create unforgettable worlds and content that stands out.

Our innovative approach places emotion front and centre, allowing us to build out a unique style for every story we tell.

Featured works

Through a sensitive mixed media approach, this musical number aims to help first responders by highlighting and visualizing the common feelings they have to deal with when doing their job. You won’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Krave Beauty

A film with rhymes for this hectic times.

A very graphic and dynamic spin on the classic fable “The Turtle & The Hare” for Korean brand Krave Beauty. This animated poem is the key film in the “Slow Down Skincare” campaign which aims to help reduce the number of products we use and to help our planet.

Blue Dog

A manic, adrenaline-fueled short film and also Niceshit’s first-ever signature beer.

Inspired by Gross Brewing’s independent, punky-rebel essence we created this rollercoaster ride of a story, about a police dog in the endless chase for one crazy IPA.

Changing perspectives with Google Assistant’s new app integration.

For the launch of Google Assistant’s new app integration, we created a set of charming Insta-films. Expanding on Google’s iconic color palette, we brought to life a set of friendly and modern characters, pairing them with fluid transitions and dynamic animated environments.

Tackling chronic pain with a mixed media medley for Permission To Move.

A meditative yet humorous look at the world of chronic pain and how to live with it day to day.

We tried to visualize Australian physiotherapist and author Dave Moen’s humanist approach by using a vast array of styles and techniques including 2D, 3D, and even some live-action puppets!

An emotive and playful visual language that lets you say whatever you want.

Despite the challenge of working with simple shapes and a restricted set of colours, this quickly became one of our favourite projects. Through characters that are emotive, reactive and smart and scenarios designed to have a double meaning so you can’t help but watch it again to get the full effect.