Mtv by Niceshit

Futbol can be intense, and it definitely was for our little dude. 
He just couldn't take it, but hey, he died doing what he loved the most, right?

We were very excited when MTV called us to do another one of these killer Artist Id series. 
The keywords they gave us this time were: World Cup, Anxiety & Purple. Check! Check! Check!
With this unusual and always desired level of creative freedom, it is a great opportunity to try something new, and that's when we decided to go full 3D + frame by frame animation!!

Hope you enjoy :)


Directed by Niceshit

Creative Directors: Carmen Angelillo, Rodier Kidman & Guido Lambertini
Art Direction: Nicolas Castro, Rodier Kidmann
Animation Director: Guido Lambertini
Concepts & Character Design: Rodier Kidmann
3D Modeling: Nicolas Castro, Rodier Kidmann, Guido Lambertini
Shading & Lighting: Nicolas Castro
2D Animation: Leo Campasso, Guido Lambertini
3D Animation: Guido Lambertini
Music & Sound Design: Facundo Capece

MTV Credits

VP Creative: Sean Saylor
Creative Director: Maxi Borrego
Creative Lead: Fran Casas
Art Director: @lozmendez
Production & Operation Director: Delfina Chiesa
Producer: Francisco Romairone
Behind the scenes :)

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